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The Media Art Space (MAS) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to currently enrolled production class students in the Department of Communication who have authorized UNC One Card access.

Once activated, and approved by your professor, you will have access to the lab, during the semester you are in a COMM Production class.


  • Do not install your own software onto the machines.
  • Please do not save files onto the desktop, system, user or application drives. Files saved in any of these places will be deleted. Please save your work onto drives labeled MEDIA only.
  • All folders must have your name on them.
  • All students are responsible for backing up their work. You can talk with your instructor in more detail about project file management.
  • ANTICIPATE THAT COMPUTER PROBLEMS WILL HAPPEN AND LEAVE ENOUGH TIME TO ADDRESS THESE PROBLEMS. Please recognize that computers are imperfect. Computers do crash and lose data. Please afford yourself enough time to address these difficulties when working on a project.


In the common area of the MAS there is a lounge area with couches, chairs and a coffee table. You may have food or drink here ONLY. Computer rooms are to be food and beverage free.


You are permitted to sign up to use a lab computer no more than four (4) hours per block and a maximum of two (2) four-hour blocks per 24-hour period, reserved at non-consecutive times (e.g. 12-4 and 8-12).

Please recognize many students need to use the machines. If no one else is present to use the computer after your four-hour block, you are welcome to work longer. However, if another student needs the computer after your four-hour block, you must give up your seat to them. Please plan accordingly. Sign up for a computer in advance. Allow yourself more time to do a project than you think you will need.

In room109 and 110, there is a calendar for computer sign-up purposes. For all other lab rooms, there is a calendar on the door of the room. Each computer has either an identifying name or number on it. Please specify on the calendar which computer you are signing up to use.


Each class is assigned specific lab rooms to use. In some cases, students will be assigned specific computers. In such a case, you are to use the computer assigned to you.


Each student is responsible for his/her data at the end of the semester. All Data in the lab must be backed up by the posted “last day in lab” or the data will be erased. (Date is posted on schedule page)


Good luck with your projects and have a good semester.

email lab director:
phone lab director: (919) 843-6519